NoBurn SportScreen® was developed by a Florida based Dermatologist and is manufactured and packaged in the Central Florida area.   

NoBurn SportScreen®
started it's current relationship with Bright House Field, home of the Philadelphia Phillies spring training, in 2009 and continues to be the exclusive sunscreen available for the fans and employees during the spring training games.   Most recently, NoBurn SportScreen has entered into a partnership with McKechnie Field, home of the Pittsburgh Pirates spring training, to be the exclusive sunscreen provider. 

Since 2009, interest throughout the athletic community continues to increase due to the endorsement of multiple professional athletes’ experience with NoBurn SportScreen®.   

We continue to educate athletes of all ages on the importance of proper sun protection. 

“I’ve been using NoBurn SportScreen® for over two years now and absolutely love it!  I apply it before I play tennis, cycle or do any activity outside and have not had any sunburn even if I am outdoors in the middle of the day.  It applies easily and is light and non-greasy, which I really appreciate.  Totally recommend this product!” – Lisa Grattan, Player Board Representative, Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) Tour


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