Our mission is to help prevent sun damage, skin cancer and the pre-mature aging of skin.   

Recently, the medical community has increased its awareness and education of the importance of proper sun protection.  The risk of skin cancer is increasing daily and that 90% of skin changes blamed on aging are due to sun damage.  Athletes and outdoor enthusiasts are at a greater risk for developing skin cancer due to the long hours in the sun.  NoBurn SportScreen® was developed for just that person in mind. 

Young athletes that are enrolled in little league baseball, softball, pop-warner football, ski racing, and youth soccer leagues, etc., are exposed to the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.  Sun damage at a young age produces changes that can result in skin cancer in adulthood.  NoBurn SportScreen’s® ongoing mission is to protect and prevent further damage from occurring.   

We envisioned a natural sun protecting lotion that athletes could apply prior to engaging in outdoor activities that does not impede their performance.  NoBurn SportScreen® is a “dry” sunscreen, that when applied to clean, dry skin, does just that……STAYS DRY! 

When applied properly, NoBurn SportScreen® is a sunscreen that is not greasy, will not drip into the eyes and will not affect your performance in the game! 

NoBurn SportScreen® is dedicated to sun protection education and continues to be involved with local and national sporting events, either as a sponsor or as a participant.   

NoBurn SportScreen® is by far the best sunscreen I've ever used.  It's so important for athletes to be protected from sunburns. NoBurn works for me because the dry touch technology keeps my hands in perfect condition and makes sure they are grease-free and slip-free. All levels of athletes need to keep their skin protected every time they step on the playing field; so whether you're a fan or weekend warrior, soccer mom or softball dad....  

Keep yourself and your family protected.  NoBurn SportScreen® will help skin stay sunburn free!” – Michele Smith, Two-time Fast PitchSoftball Olympic Gold Medalist




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